Daker DK Plus10000 – Inverter

The Legrand UPS Daker DK Plus 10000

Model is an uninterruptible power source with high frequency PWM technology, Double Conversion On Line, solid neutral, Rated Power 10,000 VA – 10000 W. It does not contain internal batteries but can be connected to one or more external cabinets containing valve-regulated, hermetically sealed accumulator batteries. The fact that it does not contain internal batteries reduces the dimensions of this UPS to
just three rack units.
The architecture of this UPS means it can be installed in either a Tower configuration or inside Rack cabinets.
The rectifier of the UPS is comprised of a control and regulating circuit (PFC), which, in addition to normal rectifier functions also:
• automatically corrects the power factor of the load to restore it to
a value of >0.99 with a load applied at the output at 20% of the
rated load;
• power the inverter without requiring energy from the batteries,
even when there is very low voltage from the mains;
• ensures a total harmonic distorsion of the input current THDIin
< 3% without the addition of filters or supplementary parts.
The bypass circuit is designed and built in compliance with the
− Electromechanical switch
− Command and control logic managed by a microprocessor that:
• automatically transfers the load directly onto the primary mains
line without interrupting the power supply if any conditions of overload, over temperature, continuous voltage outside of the
tolerances and inverter anomaly arise;
• automatically re-transfers the primary mains line load to an
inverter line, without interrupting the power supply, once normal
conditions of the load have been restored;
• if the primary mains line and the inverter are not synchronised,
the bypass must be disabled.
A diagnostic and shutdown software (UPS Communicator), if accordingly installed in a PC connected to the UPS, allows you to access all of the operational data, make adjustments and settings to the special functions and control Windows and Linux operating system shutdown.
An optional software (UPS management software) offers hierarchic multiserver shutdown and remote management of the UPS for any operating system in a heterogeneous network (Windows, Novell, Linux and the common Unix).
Daker DK Plus 10000 is managed by a microprocessor and is able to display, on a control panel and LCD screen, the alarms and operating modes described below:
• normal operation
• output frequency that is not synchronised with the input
• battery-powered operation
• operation in bypass mode
• faulty power module
• overloaded
• generic anomaly
• incorrect neutral connection
• back-up time
• end of uptime
The Daker DK Plus 10000 Static Uninterruptible Power Supply
bears the CE marking, pursuant to Directives 2014/35, 2104/30,
and is designed and built in compliance with the following
• EN 62040-1 “General and safety requirements for UPSs used in
areas that are accessible to the operator”
• EN 62040-2 “Electromagnetic Compatibility requirements (EMC)”
• EN 62040-3 “Performance and test method requirements”