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AutoPIPE Vessel Heat Exchanger

Details AutoPIPE Vessel Heat Exchanger

AutoPIPE Vessel Heat Exchanger is specialized software for shell and tube heat exchanger analysis and design. It streamlines engineering processes with automated workflows, global codes compliance, and applied loadings, ensuring high-quality designs in less time.

Maximize Productivity:

  • Provides optimal, cost-efficient designs under diverse loading conditions.
  • Supports various regional and global standards, enhancing flexibility for rerating and revamping existing equipment.
  • Streamlines design processes, eliminating guesswork and facilitating brownfield and greenfield projects.

Optimized Design and Manufacturing:

  • Swiftly assesses options and provides comprehensive solutions for all loading and manufacturing scenarios.
  • Analyzes different loading conditions and generates detailed component and assembly drawings.
  • Key features include fatigue analysis, pressure testing, automatic drawing production, and cost estimation, reducing manual drawing time and rework.

Faster Time to Production:

  • Comprehensive modeling and user-friendly interface enable quick solutions and improve modeling efficiency.
  • Increases productivity, accelerates delivery time, and ensures easier and more accurate design and analysis.

Technical Capabilities AutoPIPE Vessel Heat Exchanger

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers:

  • Designed to TEMA, CODAP, AD 2000, PD 5500, EN 13445, GOST, Chinese GB 151, and ASME standards.
  • Full weld details of nozzles and reinforcement provided, including location of all component welds.
  • Detailed component and General Assembly Drawings available.
  • Design includes flanges, baffles, tubesheets, tube bundles, tie-rods, sealing strips, sliding rails, and support plates.
  • Metal bellows expansion joints designed to ASME, EJMA, CODAP, EN, and AD standards.
  • Design Flanged and Flued expansion joints based on TEMA 8th and 9th (Finite Element Method).
  • Final drawing of the flattening of the shell profile with all nozzles, saddles, reinforcement, packing support, and more.
  • Modeling interface and editing tools provided to optimize and configure the tube and baffle layout.
  • Design for floating head single and multipass; U-bend; fixed tubesheet types; all shell types (E, F, G, H, J, K, X); all TEMA front and rear end types (i.e. channel types A, B, C, D, N and rear end types L, M, N, S, T, U, W), excluding P type.

Additional Features:

  • Comprehensive design and modeling of equipment and structural components, including stiffening rings, platforms, saddles, skirts, legs, brackets, lifting lugs and trunnions, internal lining, and insulation.
  • Export to 3D CAD formats including PDS, MicroStation, BricsCAD, AutoCAD, AutoPLANT, and SolidWorks.
  • Supports U.S. customary and SI units (input also in kgf/cm2).
  • Smart import of nozzle local load (sustained, thermal, and occasional) from Bentley’s AutoPIPE.
  • QA formatted Microsoft Word reports for all designed components and full vessel loading cases, including bending moment diagrams, weld, nozzle, and flange sketches and full design code references.
  • Governing load case (operating, installation, hydrotest, wind, blast, shutdown, motion or seismic) reported for calculation.
  • Local load analysis to PD 5500 Annex G or G.2.8 Alt. rules, WRC 107, 297, 537, EN 13445, GOST, Roark.
  • Saddle design with Zick analysis to ASME VIII Div 2, PD 5500, CODAP, EN 13445, AD, GOST, and Chinese NB/T 47042 standard.
  • Comprehensive material databases for ASME, DIN, EN, GB-150, BS, GOST, ASTM, and NF (French) materials.
  • Customizable company standards for saddle supports and nozzle loading.
  • Occasional loading including wind, vortex shedding, seismic, motion, and blast loading.

Optimized Design:

  • Evaluates erected, lifting, operating, test, blast, and shutdown loading conditions, and 5 additional user-defined load cases.
  • Includes nozzle reinforcement, flange design, support design, and vessel deflection and rotation.
  • Provides automatic detailed cost estimations (fully customizable in Excel).
  • Wind, seismic (for most major global design codes), motion, blast, and vortex shedding loads evaluated, with fatigue calculations performed for weld joints.

Automatic Drawing Production:

  • Automated detailed drawings generated in seconds.
  • Creates 2D drawings in MicroStation, BricsCAD, and AutoCAD, and 3D models in MicroStation, AutoCAD, and Solidworks with a click of a button.
  • Fully dimensioned engineering and manufacturing drawings provided.
  • White space management and configurable drawing sheet layout.
  • Customizable data and connection details to meet manufacturer standards.
  • Bill of materials provided to meet company standard.

System Requirements AutoPIPE Vessel Heat Exchanger

Minimum Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel or AMD processor 3.0 GHz or greater
  • Operating System: Windows 8 Professional (64-bit) or higher, Windows 10 (64-bit) or higher
  • Software: Microsoft Office 2013 or higher
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Hard Disk: 1 GB
  • Video Graphics Card: Any industry-standard video card that supports OpenGL 3D graphics


  • Software: Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.0 or higher
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