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AutoPIPE Vessel Ultimate

Details AutoPIPE Vessel Ultimate

AutoPIPE Vessel Ultimate streamlines vessel analysis and design, enhancing efficiency and quality.

Optimized Design and Manufacturing:

  • Quickly evaluate alternatives and provide solutions for various scenarios.
  • Supports fatigue analysis, pressure testing, and automatic drawing production.
  • Ensures complete design with detailed support for installation and operating conditions.

Maximized Productivity:

  • Provides accurate designs for safe vessel operation under diverse loading conditions.
  • Improves flexibility for revamping existing vessels with material standards and extensive design code support.
  • Reduces design time and eliminates rework, facilitating quick project initiation.

Improved Collaboration:

  • Facilitates efficient collaboration among team members.
  • Allows import of thermal design data from various software for heat exchanger model creation.
  • Supports data sharing with plant design applications and direct export to IFC and ISM file types.

Technical Capabilities AutoPIPE Vessel Ultimate

Pressure Vessels:

  • Various types supported: reactor on skirt, limped coil, vertical vessel, horizontal vessel, double jacket, boiler, etc.
  • Seven international vessel design codes including ASME, GB-150, BS PD 5500, EN 13445, AD Merkblatter, CODAP, and GOST R 52857.
  • Jacket design to ASME VIII Appendix 9, PD 5500, CODAP, and GOST.
  • Comprehensive features such as nozzle reinforcement, flange design, fatigue analysis, guided column supports, and lifting and rigging analysis.

Heat Exchangers:

  • Designed to TEMA, CODAP, AD 2000, PD 5500, EN 13445, GOST, and Chinese GB 151.
  • Detailed features including weld details, flanges, baffles, tubesheets, tie-rods, sealing strips, support plates, and expansion joints.
  • Integration with thermal design simulation software such as Aspen Tech, HTRI Xchanger, Prosim EXCH, and Honeywell UniSim.


  • Integrated API 650 tank module with detailed drawings.
  • Similar modeling interface and material database as pressure vessels.
  • Automatic generation of rafter and girder structural courses, and optimization of tank diameter and height.

Optimized Design:

  • Evaluation of various loading conditions.
  • Automatic detailed cost estimations and drawing production.
  • Compatibility with AP 661 for air cooler design, French NF E 32 Boiler Design, and import/export to various CAD formats.

Additional Features:

  • Comprehensive components including trays, packing, stiffening rings, platforms, saddles, legs, brackets, bellows, etc.
  • Import/export to 3D CAD formats, compatibility with Bentley AutoPIPE, multiple codes for occasional loading, and customizable company standards.

Languages and Reports:

  • Multilingual support including English, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese, Croatian, and Russian.
  • QA formatted Microsoft Word reports for all components and full vessel loading cases.

This organized format highlights the key features and capabilities of the software for designing pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and tanks.

System Requirements AutoPIPE Vessel Ultimate

Processor: Pentium III or higher
Operating System: Windows 7 Professional (32- or 64-bit), Windows 8 or 8.1 (32- or 64-bit), Windows 10 (32- or 64-bit)
Software: Microsoft Office 2003 or higher, Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Hard Disk: 1GB
Video Graphics Card: Any industry-standard video card that supports OpenGL 3D graphics

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