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Details AutoPIPE

High-quality, cost-effective, and reliable pipe and vessel designs

When the deliverable is reliable pipe and vessel designs, there is no need to spend time doing something your software can do for you. AutoPIPE is an analysis and design application used to calculate piping stresses, loads, and deflections under static and dynamic load conditions. With extensive interoperability across other industry applications as well as time-saving features like the new support optimizer, AutoPIPE helps ensure quality, cost-effective designs, and a smooth workflow for engineers who use it.

Save time with an easy-to-use application

Easily create and modify pipe stress models by using the object-based OpenGL graphical user interface. You can simply point and click to insert, modify, or delete components for instant visual updates and modify parameters across a range of points with just one command. Tracking changes or making modifications can be done in a snap to help save time and eliminate otherwise cumbersome tasks.

Perform advanced analysis and design

Perform design and analysis for buried pipelines, fluid transients, wave loading, and FRP/GRP or plastic pipe and avoid piping failures and costly shutdowns by evaluating your design under extreme loading conditions like earthquakes. With AutoPIPE’s 3D hot clash detection, you can eliminate errors up-front and perform ‘what-if’ analysis to quickly evaluate various design scenarios.

Streamline multi-discipline workflows

Integrate piping and structural analysis and design with the ability to transfer pipe support loads and import complete structures to and from other applications. AutoPIPE interoperates with applications like STAAD.Pro, SACS, OpenPlant, and CAESAR, so you can save design time and streamline the workflow when working across various teams.

Optimize pipe supports

Provide the most optimized pipe support design quickly using the latest AI machine learning technology. When a piping system must be designed to withstand various stresses, it’s critical to assess loading points and support them adequately, yet keep costs to a minimum. The new support optimizer feature allows you to create thousands of design alternatives and compare them as they become available. Then make iterations until the best outcome is achieved.

Create graphical results and reports

Produce customized reports in various formats from an open-sourced, optimized SQLite database and eliminate tedious reviews with color-coded results and pop-up windows that help identify and investigate critical issues.

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Technical Capabilities AutoPIPE


  • Offers various drawing modes (single line, wire-frame, and solid render) for flexibility.
  • CAD-style viewports enable efficient navigation and design.
  • Provides extensive support for different unit systems, including English, metric, SI, and user-defined units.
  • Allows for import from and export to various CAD and modeling software, enhancing interoperability.
  • Features automated tools like valve actuator, connectivity checker, and ring main wizard for streamlined modeling processes.

Dynamic Analysis:

  • Supports time history dynamic analysis with ground motion, harmonic load analysis, and response spectrum analysis.
  • Offers tools for mode shapes, accelerations, natural frequencies, and multiple spectrum enveloping.
  • Provides automated mass discretization and correction functionalities for comprehensive dynamic simulations.

Piping Codes:

  • Complies with a wide range of piping codes from different regions and standards, ensuring regulatory compliance and safety.
  • Includes support for ASME, European, Canadian, British, Russian, Japanese, and other piping codes, catering to diverse project requirements.


  • Offers advanced analysis capabilities such as thermal stratification bowing analysis, seismic static and response spectra load generator, and integrated flange loading analysis.
  • Provides tools for fluid transient analysis, hydrotest analysis, and nozzle flexibility analysis, addressing various scenarios in piping design.
  • Incorporates nonlinear support gap, friction, yielding, and soil interaction features for comprehensive stress analysis.

Input and Results:

  • Enables efficient post-processing with results saved to Microsoft Access MDB files.
  • Supports automatic or user-defined load combinations grid and automated batch processing for efficiency.
  • Provides rotating equipment calculations to industry standards like API 610, NEMA, and API 617.

System Requirements AutoPIPE

Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher

Operating System:

  • Windows 7 Professional (32 or 64 bit)
  • Windows 8 Professional (32 or 64 bit)
  • Windows 10 Professional (32 or 64 bit)

Memory: 512 MB recommended. Additional memory potentially improves performance, particularly when working with larger models.

Hard Disk: 500 MB free disk space

Video Graphics Card: Any industry-standard video card that supports OpenGL 3D graphics

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