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Bentley Raceway and Cable Management

Details Bentley Raceway and Cable Management

Save Time and Reduce Costs with an Integrated System for Raceway Design and Cable Management

Designing complex raceway and cable systems often requires using multiple software applications to manage a wide range of design and documentation tasks. Bentley Raceway and Cable Management streamline this process by providing complete layout, routing, and material estimating functions within a single, integrated system. This solution establishes an effective workflow encompassing all phases of design, from initial concept to detailed layout and construction, enabling you to fast-track your next project with automated workflows for both conceptual and detailed design phases.

Plan with Conceptual Designs

Bentley Raceway and Cable Management features a conceptual design mode tailored for a project’s early stages. Key functionalities include:

  • Defining Equipment Nodes: Easily define equipment nodes in the facility and assign equipment tags to these nodes.
  • Defining Raceway Routes: Establish the required raceway routes to connect equipment nodes, with automatic raceway sizing based on the number and type of cables routed between nodes.
  • Generating Bills of Quantity: Produce bills of quantity for early ordering and provide material and space estimates to other disciplines collaborating on the overall facility design.
  • Updating Designs: As additional information becomes available, update the conceptual design with ease to maintain accuracy and relevance.

Create Accurate 3D Models

The detailed design mode in Bentley Raceway and Cable Management allows you to create precise 3D models of the raceway system, including:

  • Accurate 3D Modeling: Design the raceway system, duct bank, and cable trench underground systems with high precision.
  • Intelligent Drawing Functions: Quickly place and manipulate raceway configurations. Simultaneously place multiple parallel raceways of varying types, sizes, and attributes.
  • Filtered Display: Filter raceway displays by categories such as voltage level to simplify visualization of complex installations.
  • Electrical Equipment Layout: Configure and place electrical equipment, including layouts inside each cabinet, to obtain accurate cable length and connection information.
  • 2D Construction Deliverables: Automatically extract 2D construction deliverables from the detailed 3D design.

Route Cables Automatically

Save significant time with Bentley’s automatic cable routing features:

  • Automatic Cable Routing: Define cables between equipment nodes and let the software determine the best route through existing raceways, considering different segregation criteria and cable routing methods.
  • Optimized Routing: The routing process accounts for distance, permitted cable types in each raceway, and the available capacity and weight that can be carried.
  • Adjustments: Quickly identify when the size or number of raceways needs to be adjusted based on routing results.

Generate Reports Automatically

Stay on schedule by leveraging Bentley’s automatic report generation capabilities:

  • Output Generation: Automatically generate essential output documents, including bills of quantity, raceway schedules, cable schedules, and cable pull cards.

Technical Capabilities Bentley Raceway and Cable Management

General/System Features

  • Project-based workflow
  • Project manager for global settings, file management
  • Collaboration manager (to control access)
  • Configurable Excel import module for existing design data
  • Concurrency control
  • Client/server architecture
  • Export to LumenRT
  • Clash Detection tool

Conceptual Design

  • Work preparation: import cable lists, load lists, node map
  • Build node model: place equipment nodes and routing nodes
  • Routing: auto-connect nodes, refine cable routes
  • Specification: size cables, analyze model, specify raceway material and accessories, specify space allocation
  • Reports: cable pull cards, cable list, cable drums, BOM, etc.
  • 3D space allocation

3D Detailed Design

  • Raceway: raceway modeling, raceway categories, dividers, raceway IDs, raceway accessories, fix air gaps for auto-routing
  • Work preparation: import cable lists, load lists, node map
  • Equipment: equipment modeler, place equipment (junction boxes, cabinets, etc.), associate target IDs
  • Routing: manual and automatic
  • Reports: cable pull cards, cable list, cable drums, BOM, etc.
  • 2D extraction: 2D drawings, cross section details and annotation, parallel section details and annotation
  • Duct bank design editing and reporting tools
  • Manhole placement editing tools
  • Cable trench design, editing and reporting tools
  • 3D visualization of existing cables inside raceway systems

Raceway Functions

  • Parametric raceway engine
  • Interactive raceway routing
  • Automatically connect conduits from raceway to equipment
  • Raceway generator
  • Raceway ID tools
  • Raceway modification tools (insert, cut, extend, edit properties, etc.)
  • Cable fill calculation
  • Simultaneous placement of multiple raceway types and sizes
  • Reuse of raceway configurations for team collaboration
  • User interface for new raceway catalogs creation
  • Ability to edit and resize raceway easily
  • Raceway support and reporting tool

Cable Management & Routing Functions

  • Cable manager
  • Cable definition via direct input or imported XML and XLS file
  • AutoRouter (automatic routing)
  • Indication if selected autoroute is the shortest possible route to streamline review
  • Cable routing by category
  • Cable routing – constraint driven
  • Cable filtering capabilities based on different cable and equipment attributes
  • Manual cable routing
  • Tray divider support
  • Cable length calculation
  • Cable sizing by length and load
  • Cable fill and weight calculations
  • Color-coded raceway fill factor indicators

Reports and Other Output

  • Bills of materials
  • 2D extractions – sections with dynamic details
  • Cable lists
  • Cable pull cards
  • Cable schedule report
  • Cable drums
  • Raceway schedule report
  • Cable status list
  • Raceway fill with cables report
  • Raceway labels
  • IFC export via iTwin® Services

Design Content

  • Cable libraries by manufacturers
  • Conduit libraries – trade sizes and manufacturers’ specialty libraries
  • Cell-based equipment from Components Center
  • Tray libraries
  • Ladder libraries
  • Basket libraries
  • Conduit body libraries

Integrate with other Bentley applications Bentley Raceway and Cable Management can exchange data with other Bentley products to eliminate data re-entry. Electrical equipment placed in OpenPlant Modeler can be imported into Bentley Raceway and Cable Management. This makes change management transparent and easy.

System Requirements Bentley Raceway and Cable Management

Bentley Raceway and Cable Management CONNECT Edition is a 64-bit application, compatible only with 64-bit Operating Systems.

Bentley Raceway and Cable Management supports Microsoft Office 64-bit and 32-bit versions. Microsoft Excel must be installed to import cable and equipment information from spreadsheets. Importing from .XLSX files is only possible when Excel 2010 or higher is installed.

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